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I want see my dearest daughter!!!??
الخميس, 29 أغسطس 2013 15:36



Left nursing peoples and the capital minimum and Kaaba every ambitious Baghdad more than a decade to escape "from military life and war, tyranny and dictatorship and deprivation of free and dignified life In 2004 I went back to my land and residential and Moaa real homeland of Iraq

, which lived by and returned the fathers to their loved ones and the apples of hepatic paradise of innocence and Feroz Coasts no longer me of nineties and until now I did not know its fate is my daughter formal born January 27, 1993 and bearing registration number 1932, page number 67 and number her identification card 832,375 and nationality official held and registered in the Department of hearts Karkh Baghdad and called Rana Hussein Mohamed and she was 8 months deposited forcibly "Me and the rule of fate in the House of State for Social Welfare Department Utaifiyya Baghdad near the mosque Buratha testimony witnesses both" of Jasmih Mohammed and flowers Mohsen and Shatha nice happened and they who live the Karkh district of Baghdad locality 208 they were with me on deposited this child innocent and when you return from exile headed to role of the State Department Attfah and to charge that received my daughter Asia Jaafar Abdul Hussein, which is now operating in the state's role section Kadhimiya for the disabled near the women's prison and when the question of which about my baby denied by Ali note "I am looking for responsible more than two years and found it, and also denied on by the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs of the request submitted on 17 / May 2006 Wednesday and at 12:30 and after three months and through Mrajati Upon inquiry by the Director General of the six Leila how you became the issues of whether the spotlight them and only them says lift your request to the minister and said the case closed because it old? I told her really "It's (doll) On Sunday day on January 30, 2007 At exactly 1240 hours went to the Ministry of Human Rights pregnant Bedi Dalili overwhelming and two witnesses eyewitnesses are Sharq newspaper in number 263 and publication by the problems of formal and when raised to room legal and specifically to an employee who works by and named Sattar Jabbar (otherwise it tells me tells me I doubt you were in exile mendicant beggar??) note published methods person above the newspaper Iraq today number 828 entitled bulk Dear public opinion dear people around the world this human rights in Iraq and please you shed light and also denied Ali by law, a court judge achieve Kadhimiya named Ali Khalil Mohammed proceedings submitted to him on 5 / July 2006 on Thursday and carry the number 2396 note "has become to me more than (10) years Search and ask and wonder about this child but unfortunately to no avail, despite witnesses who Ntqgua and divided perjury and said Hussein punitive leave Iraq 1991 because of his escape from the army in 1990 and this year caused tragedy and here healed him near and distant and even coupled with the official he army deserter and fugitive executed and المتستر him expose himself to spend a required named quartet and title documented in band partisan Baghdad Karkh and there it is a question mark (an anti Baath Party) and returned from Jordan in 1993 and deposited his daughter in the house above and to leave Iraq and returned from exile in 2004 note "kidnapped girl Madeleine Portuguese is from a poor family and passed Albi. me. C on 21 / September 2007 Friday at 18:30 London time and a lot of newspapers, magazines and satellite Including Al-Arabiya program fourth power 13 / November 2007 at exactly 22:30 hours GMT Baghdad, the world was turned upside down because the meat and ethnicity west with apologies and pride in all religions but Vlzp hepatic RNA Hussein Mohammed that have wronged her father more injustice "and deported acquitted but Athagltinay hundreds of tonnes pain and Alhsrh which bears the name of a Muslim Arab became to me more than a decade did not ask me a how I became a case note "that the current government forgot bereaved are their colleagues and their compatriots now and returning from exile and on 23 / September 2006 Saturday and opened at 2200 GMT Baghdad contacted the Ministry of Information Kuwaiti and put my problem to them and initiated broadcast on channel Kuwait on 25 / September 2006 on Monday at exactly at 22:50 in the Bridge program good and ready Sayre Anzi and director Heidi Apple note For published this problem on more than 20 newspaper and magazine, including the Journal of accidents in number 2735 dated 3/9 April 2009 / Page 66 and the morning newspaper official in number 1873 dated 23 / January / 2010 and eventually knocked on every door but unfortunately not the lives of those who advocate ... Now, in these moments embarrassing and sad have narrowed my ways and fed and Enough Zuba I Ayoub Sabra and even Ayoub drinking from Sabri and through your newspaper () addressing global public opinion and the Arab conscience media and press wherever (I do not want only to see the apples of hepatic) and the fact notably bare it documented before you officially and Anadhikm and appeal and Always check and Ostsrkh you name fellowship and human professional code of honor journalist and media who Thmlonh and your approach and Aqidtkm associated Bembdikm a creation humanitarian and custom academic and culture honest and name of newspaper () glue that is readable and shiny star "shining all the oppressed in the corners of the world four, including Iraq highlighting the thrust of tragedy past, present and publish literally "in your newspaper () to perhaps shaking and moving feelings officials on human rights in Iraq, without exception, and to find a glimmer of hope to see this little girl innocent that took most of my time became my job concern and finally," and last but not least Tribute and homage to not forget..... Important note .. Note For my name on that and publication of newspapers Hussein punitive ... and now my name Hussein Mohamed Iraq please post Picture to become overwhelming evidence and eyewitness and that I can offer to the United Nations and to seek asylum, even if in the land of the jungle because Pat live Balgab closest friend for me to get rid of this sparklers .... Iraqi journalist Hussein Mohamed ... Iraq ... Baghdad .... member of the Iraqi Journalists Syndicate


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