Human Rights militants need credibility

on September 8,2017, a group of American nationals ,claiming to belong to an American human rights organization whose main purpose is ,it seems, to combat slavery, particularly in Mauritania, This organization said to be linked to the aging American priest,

Rverent Jessy Jackson ,having been soaked with gross falsehood about a supposedly festering slavery in Mauritania, was manipulated into undertaking unilaterally an exploratory visit to Mauritania so as to see for themselves the extent of the phenomenon of slavery in the country in particular ,the purported markets where slaves are supposed to be auctioned, as well as the wholesale houses slaves are stuffed in, before being led to the slaves market to be sold into bondage to slaves merchants…These ridiculous disinformation are the ones that were systematically fed by some Mauritanian unscrupulous lies peddlers, to certain American NGOs that are either simpleminded and gullible or desperately in need for a noble cause to devote themselves to and to raise funds for .What one can’t help frowning at, in this respect, is the fact that these American human rights activists, have refused to let known in due time to the Mauritanian Authorities the program of their visit, prior to their entry into the country and have deliberately neglected to heed the advice of the security officials not to enter the country before having complied with the required regulations everybody ought to go by in Mauritania . This abnormal behavior calls for a number of observations that should be stated here for everybody to know: -It is unworthy of a hitherto respectable person such as Reverent Jessy Jackson to let himself be easily mystified by flippant extremists whose credibility is next to none both in Mauritania and elsewhere, without appropriate caution and thorough investigation when supplied with debious improbable information .He should have known better and have had a sharper critical mind as this attitude suits much better his noble motivations while the lack of it is liable to stain his established reputation and dent his time honored respectability. – American citizens and any other citizens for that matter, ,be they human rights militants or otherwise, should bear in mind that Mauritania is a sovereign state that has its laws and regulations ,that none ,whoever it may be, can’t take lightly .For the country is not a “windmill” (un Moulin à vent) open to all and a sundry without any check or control. Besides the Mauritanian Authorities can never be browbeaten, intimidated or dictated to by anyone .This much everybody should keep in mind. – Mauritania is a country that enjoys political stability, it does not know the outbursts of violence and the devastating riots and bloodshed that rock now and then many countries including the USA. -If the mentioned human rights activists who have attempted last week to force their way into our country, and if those who sponsor them back home ,are seeking a righteous and philanthropic cause to devote themselves to and have credit for, they should adopt a rational order of priority .Thus instead of putting on the top of their agenda the sequalaes and the side effects of the receding phenomenon of slavery in Mauritania, which is actually being steadily combatted by the country authorities along with its genuine and bonafida national NGOs.They logically ,should have devoted their efforts and strives to the more urgent and truly preoccupying situation of the black Americans along with the indigenous Indians ( who are on the verge of extinction), the Latinos and the Asian Americans that indiscriminately suffer from ostracism, marginalization and stark racism. Interwoven, these factors lead unavoidably to utter pauperization, dire poverty and bleak wretchedness which are the factors at the roots of the recurrent bloody outbursts of violence that rocked: – Missouri in 2014, – Charleston, South Carolina in 2015, – Baton Rouge, Falcon Heights and Dallas in 2016 that had left hundreds of deaths and casualties among the African American citizens. What is worst in this connection, is that according to a report published in August 2010 by US HUMAN RIGHTS NETWORK, racism pervades all the walks of life in the USA and stretches to most of the local communities. Besides some American statistics revealed that the rate of unemployment among the blacks reaches 15.5 % that is to say twice the rate thereof among white citizens. Moreover some studies show very disturbing facts indeed namely that 40% of black American males are in prison and that 1 out of 3 black men are behind bars. As a matter of fact ,the other American minorities are not any better than their black fellow citizens. This alarming situation calls for all the American human rights activists including of course those who came to Mauritania to dismantle the slaves markets that they were certain they exist given the sustained tendentious propaganda they were bombarded with for a long time .such situation, I said , calls for all these well intentioned and benevolent militants to stop wasting their precious time in a Don quixotic combat and to join hands instead with responsible and serious minded human rights militants in America to improve the fate of millions of American underdogs ,the majority of whom belongs to the black community.They would have , thereby, engaged in a more useful , constructive and hence ,praiseworthy endeavor.

Dr.Mouhamed Lemine Ould EL KETTAB

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